[Review] Vampire academy Blood Promise – Richelle Mead

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This time  I regress to bring a little spoiler if you dont read  Vampire Academy Sadowkiss is  better you stop here.

“Bound by Love, But sworn to Kill…” 

Sinopsy -The recent attack on St. Vladimir’s Academy devastated the entire Moroi world. Many are dead. And, for the few victims carried off by Strigoi, their fates are even worse. A rare tattoo now adorns Rose’s neck, a mark that says she’s killed far too many Strigoi to count. But only one victim matters . . . Dimitri Belikov. Rose must now choose one of two very different paths: honoring her life’s vow to protect Lissa—her best friend and the last surviving Dragomir princess—or, dropping out of the Academy to strike out on her own and hunt down the man she loves. She’ll have to go to the ends of the earth to find Dimitri and keep the promise he begged her to make. But the question is, when the time comes, will he want to be saved?       Now, with everything at stake—and worlds away from St. Vladimir’s and her unguarded, vulnerable, and newly rebellious best friend—can Rose find the strength to destroy Dimitri? Or, will she sacrifice herself for a chance at eternal love?

      This is definitely a darker book, we have new characters. more  past of the Rose. Includes the true about Her parents.

“….You two have a lot in common.”

“Are you kidding? He’s arrogant, sarcastic, likes to intimidate people, and—oh.” Okay. Maybe she had a point.” 

     With all events in shadow kiss, blood promise has become one of my favorite books perhaps by the presence of Belikova’s .. Or the terrible and frightening Abe Mazur which gives us a measure of sarcasm perfect ..Also have a bit of Adrian, who reveals his intentions to leave his side without Rose sarcastic and partying aside.

“You’ve asked me out tons of times.”

“Not really. I’ve made inappropriate suggestions and frequently pushed for nudity. But I’ve never asked you out on a real date.” 

  Besides the grim , Blood Promise becomes too much  dramatic , we have the story between Christian and Lisa,it becomes a little shaky due to the presence of Avery, a mysterious moroi arriving at the academy revolutionizing many things . The lives of unpromised and serious conversations between the rose and Olena.

“I know,” she said, guessing my thoughts. “I know exactly how you feel.”
“Does it get easier?” I asked. Unlike Sydney, Olena had an answer.
“Yes. But you’ll never be the same.” 

 The book brings us a rose more mature, which is aware of its obligations as find Dimitri. During this journey full of surprises including so little known about the Spirit .And of course much of Dimitri.Darker  is truth, but still our Dimitri.

“I’d said it before and meant it: Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass.” 

     For Soundtrack I heard a lot  Scream by Avenged Seven Fold …

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Um comentário sobre “[Review] Vampire academy Blood Promise – Richelle Mead

  1. Tenho o primeiro volume da série, mas ainda não me aventurei a lê-lo. Ouvi falar bastante dos vampiros da Vampire Academy, uns falam bem, outros nem tanto, enfim. Não tenho lá altas expectativas, e como é uma série e não sei se lerei os demais livros, estou postergando a leitura haha. Um dia, ainda leio o primeiro volume e veremos então! =)

    Livro Lab


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