[Review]Hothouse Flower – Lucinda Riley

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  The post of today is a Historical romance is a historical novel, created by the great Lucinda Riley.

        Sinopsys – As a child Julia Forrester spent many idyllic hours in the hothouse of Wharton Park, the great house where her grandfather tended exotic orchids. Years later, while struggling with overwhelming grief over the death of her husband and young child, she returns to the tranquility of the estate. There she reunites with Kit Crawford, heir to the estate and her possible salvation.    When they discover an old diary, Julia seeks out her grandmother to learn the truth behind a love affair that almost destroyed Wharton Park. Their search takes them back to the 1930s when a former heir to Wharton Park married his young society bride on the eve of World War II. When the two lovers are cruelly separated, the impact will be felt on generations to come.     Lucinda Riley skillfully sweeps her readers between the magical world of Wharton Park and Thailand during World War II with irresistible and atmospheric storytelling. Filled with twists and turns, passions and lies, and ultimately redemption, The Orchid House is a romantic, poignant novel that became an instant bestseller in the UK and Germany.

       First of all the book has caught my attention, because it is a historical novel, the writing is good to follow if you really holds in reading, I read in 3 hours . Second for we have not only the story of how Julia also have the narrative of Harry, what is happening in the midst of World War II.
            The book begines with our heroine trying to get out of a depression,caused by the loss of her husband and son in a terrible car accident. Like any tragedy, through which we have a tendency to return to our origins and approach of the places that has a meaning cheerful and calm in our lives. and escape from all the painful memories.  Julia Forrestertakes refuge in the only place where she always felt well Near the huge house of Wharton Park,where she lived large and memorable afternoons with the greenhouse. 

“All I can say, without being complacent, is that things get better, but … It takes time to overcome, because it is obvious you never outweighs the truth, but to adjust.”
The Hothouse flower. P 70.
   With the narrative of harry magestidade found throughout the property Wharton Park  and all the grandeur of the Crawford family, in a season that was excencial status.
     The Second World War changes everything for everyone Harry went to war with Julia’s grandfatherBill, ending in the same awful conditions at ChanghiHarry goes there and live a romance with Lidia, a sweet girl who’s living in thailand. In present an old diary is discovered amongst the houses sale of contents and Julia pays a visit to her grandmother Elsie to discover the history of the house.

      The book is also a life lesson that shows us the willpower of two youths who despite different times and the degree of kinship pass through the same doubts, loves and tragedies in different ways … And though Harry never gets to know Julia, their lives are more intertwined than themselves imagine, and will once again Wharton Park that will house a new story with a new beginning.  I was very surprised by secrets that were revealed in the book , but always remember

” …everyone deserves a second chance …”

     The hothouse Flower is undoubtedly an amazing novel, which gives us a good view of the” only love can heal a pain”. Next we prove that fairy tales can exist in reality, sometimes having the right to fairy godmother.

Curiosity about the writer shes on Brazil writing a new romance, set in the same ..I hope you enjoy the place!

The sound track who made me remember all the things Julia pass is   Hothouse Flower band with I can See Clearly Now. they are an Irish rock group that combines traditional Irish music with influences from soul, gospel and rock.I hope you enjoi..

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