[review]Wild,Wicked & Wanton – Jaci Burton

3 book’s to raise the temperature! Sometimes all we need in life is two  crazy best  friends .. and a good bet.

Sinopsys: Three friends reveal their most intimate secrets in an erotic romance from “an undoubted master.”*
They’re inseparable friends who share their wildest secrets and dares. The latest bet is the boldest of all: each must sleep with whomever the others have chosen and return with every juicy detail. For divorc?e Abby it’s a pair of sexy veterinarians who are fulfilling their own desire. For heartbreaker Blaire it’s the one man she never had the courage to bed. For sensible Callie it’s an irresistible stranger. For readers, it’s an erotic fantasy come true.

                 Good girls and the world is full post today is to prove that sometimes these three friends are capable of anything Abby, Blair e Callie Will prove that they can go further.

           With a single bet, in which they would have to release all wills in one weekend, detail with the person the other two iram choose, this can be a strange thing, but when you trust your life to two friends can surpriender with the result.
even being a book published in 2007 by Berkley Heat ,manages to keep the temperature hot with these three friends.
”This time it was different.
Abby was different.”

   The first to go through your weekend is stormy is Abby,always been considered inferior by her ex husband. however her friends plan a delightful weekend with Mike and Seth as Abby’s weekend bed partners. They have a very wild weekend fulfilling all of Abby’s fantasies. And when the perfect Sunday is over, the end is still irresistible. The best song for she is Wild Thing by Tone Loc.
                                               ”    She turned away from the window and regarded her traitorous friends with a sly grin. “You know. You’re absolutely right. It’s about damn time I throw Rand McKay..”

     In second  we have a love of childhood, and that was enough for Abby and Callie indicate the hot sheriff Rand for his weekend adventure.Blair has a reputation for heartbreaker, not looking for a serious relationship with anyone, even trento almost platonic love she’s so broken inside that does not submit to any man,will our cute hot Rand, will reverse this situation? For Blair I had no doubts about the sound of his life Marvin Gaye with Sexual Healing .
             “Honest, Callie, what the hell is wrong with you?”
  And lastly our Wanton girl Callie has a platonic passion for a customer , and how to have great friends, they will make you an unforgettable weekend. What we do not know is that Callie has secrets about her darkest fantasies. When you love something that can harm the person in your life and you have choices but the person in question has also. the song for she is Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

    A great book with unimaginable scenes and perfect guys. Jaci behind in a book enjoyable to read a good leaving room for imagination.

   IMPORTANT – Guys this book is recommended for mature people contains explicit scenes, if you have some kind of prejudice with some reading. do a favor to those who like this tipe of book : Do Not Read. Gets the hint.

The Final song for book is a oldfashioned  but good as all Exile with I Wana Kiss you All Over..



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