[Review] Love you to Death – The mediator#1 Meg Cabot

     Meg Cabot shows us once again that adolescence can be very difficult especially when it is possible to see and talk to ghosts ..

Uk Cover

Sinopsys – Being a mediator doesn’t exactly make Susannah Simon your typical sixteen-year-old. Her job is to ease the path for the unhappy dead to their final resting place. Not all ghouls want to be guided, but Suze is inclined to kick some serious ghost butt if she has to. Now she’s moved to California with her new stepfamily and is starting out at a brand-new school. From her first day, her mediator skills are tested to the max when Suze finds herself the target of the murderous spirit of ex-class beauty, Heather. At least she’s sharing her new bedroom with Jesse, who just happens to be “the” hottest ghost in history. Suze is totally warm for his form and is determined to win the heart of the sexiest spirit in town. But can this girl get her ghost?

                 Susannah Simon would definitely be a normal teenager, with a widowed mother and a grandmother living quietly, or trying to, in the streets of New York. However his mother had other plans, she got to meet Andy and after ten years widow rediscovered happiness. is clear that for Suze was a great change to replace the clouded Apple by sunny California  city.

”I knew when I’d agreed to move with my mom to California that I’d be in for lots of changes(…) So I accepted Andy, and I accepted his three sons, and I accepted the fact that I was going to have to leave behind everything I had ever known and loved – my best friend, my grandmother, bagels, SoHo – in order to give my mom the happiness she deserved.”
Love you To Death. p.8

    The major problem that was taking her nights sleep would be the fact that his new school has more than one hundred years. or that your new home, specifically your room already has a resident. 
Someone who is not part of your family, or someone else who can see.
    confused? Our Suze just do not get it is not a normal teenager. she can see, touch and talk to ghosts. And she only discovered when his father died, because though tentacem explain that she would never see him …

”My dad was dead, yeah. But I did see him again.(…) His favorite thing to do is suddenly materialize when I least expect it. It’s kind of annoying.
                                                                                                                   Love you To Death. p.13

 With the help of her father, she finds her mission in the world and is not always an easy job.

”I’m the mediator.

I tell you, it is not a fate I would wish on anybody. (…) We can see ghosts, we can talk to ghosts, and, if necessary, we can kick a ghost’s butt.
Love you To Death. p.14 – 19

American Cover

         As she moves, meets Father Dominic, or Dom Fr. That is also another mediator having trouble in school. One of the students died on holiday, and she wants her place where vlta should never have left.      But how do you explain to a spirit of anger thirsty that he can not return to his old life? Undoubtedly Father Dom have big surprises with unorthodox methods of Suze

“And try to remember what we discussed, Susannah. A mediator is someone who helps others resolve conflicts. Not someone who, er, kicks them in the face.”
                                                  Love you To Death. p.14

    Besides dealing with the ghost of heatler at school. she still needs to get rid of the ghost inhabitant of your room.

“Jesse,” he said, not moving.
“You called me amigo. I thought you might like to know I have a name. It’s Jesse.”
I nodded. “Right. That figures. Well, fine. Jesse, then. You can’t stay here, Jesse.”
                                                                                                                      Love you To Death. p.14

  What she definitely did not expect, you can count on to help Jesse with Heather, and a good friendship arise between ghost and mediator.Suze and is not the type of intermediary careful, their techniques are well known in the spiritual world, by hitting first and then ask. Besides some infractions …

“I won’t tell you how I managed to break in, since I don’t want the authorities figuring out, but let’s just say that if you’re going to make a gate, make sure it reaches all the way to the ground.” 
Love you To Death. p.90

 Sure is a fantastic book , the story hooks you, and though it may be the teen genre, has a captivating story, good reading. Worth reading and rereading the antics of Susannah Simon, Father Sun and of course our friendly ghost Jesse

The song for this fist book is with Racer – X dangerous love.. have all about Heatler. 

”She’s on the midnight prowl
Dangerous Love
Don’t touch, she’s on your heels
Dangerous Love
What she got, well it ain’t real”

I’ll see you in the next.
XoXo Klau Tks


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