[Review ] Game for Anything – Bad Boys of football#1 Bella Andre

And the temperature will rise… It’s time to fall in love with the game, or rather by bad boys of football .

Sinopys – Some lovers play it safe . . . others are GAME FOR ANYTHING.
He’s the Superbowl hero men idolize and women lust after . . . the bad boy quarterback with a dangerous edge. But behind his devil-may-care grin, Ty Calhoun hides a desire that only one woman can ever fulfill—and a memory he can’t shake: high school graduation night . . . and mind-blowing sex with the untouchable girl of his dreams. He would trade every trophy to feel the heat of her sensual, uninhibited lust once more. And he may get that chance . . . because she’s just been hired by the San Francisco Outlaws’ new owner to clean up Ty’s act.
The country’s top image consultant, Julie Spencer is a total pro at cleaning up the messes of the rich and famous. Even working with the man who took her virginity and broke her heart ten years ago can’t shake her. Until he touches her again. Because one caress – one hot kiss – is all it takes to spark the same knee-quaking electricity, and soon they’re mixing business and extreme pleasure. But knowing the danger this bad boy poses to her heart, Julie is determined to keep her distance.
But Ty has a game plan of his own. The more he misbehaves, the more Julie will have to keep tabs on him—and the more he can give his dream girl some very real thrills, by showing her just how fun it is to be bad. This time around he’s game for anything…especially winning her heart.

      Meet the famous quarterback Ty. Heartthrob and a tarnished reputation. with the sale of the team, agents Ty has no choice but to hire Julie. Ty has been causing quite a buzz in the local press, and when the team is sold to a millionaire’s oil, your agent needs to interfere.

”But just because he’s taking a conservative line with his players doesn’t mean we should do something rash.”

Game for Anything.p.06 

    Coming from a troubled past, Ty and Julie had just one night together, one that wants to repeat Ty and Julie forget.

She could only remember the most important— and disastrous—night of her life.”

                                                                                                                      Game for Anything.p.07 

         Besides the concepts Julie on players of any game species are well grounded. And a lot of patience will be needed to make her change her mind. As well as their own thoughts on the main star of the team. The big problem starts when she sees once more attracted to Ty, and therefore tries to leave work with one of her assistants. Just because .. 

”Once an asshole, always an asshole.”
                                    Game for Anything.p.14

            Despite all the attraction, and past Julie admits to herself that she’s still attracted to Ty, not because he is a big star, more for their character and have fought so hard to get where he is.
”He’d certainly come a long way. And even though their past was messy she admired all he’d achieved. From life in a trailer park to all this. While she worked for what she had, she’d never had to struggle for money or respect. Not like he had.”
                                                    Game for Anything.p.17

The book begins to catch fire when they realize they will need to resolve the past continue in the future.

”At some point they needed to have a discussion about their past.”
                                                                                                                       Game for Anything.p.21

              With good humor, eroticism and a large part of sensuality, Bella Andre in behind one personagewm exciting. Having unconventional techniques to try to convince Julie that he is the best single she will find, and he also never forgot the single night together.Another series that is worth reading, remember if you can try to escape or forget the past .. he most always come back to you. and big surprises that you can have only afford?

I read this book on the sound of Carlos Santana With the game of love..

”Tell me just what you want me to be
One kiss and boom you’re the only one for me
So please tell me why don’t you come around no more”
                                                                                                     Carlos Santana – Game Of Love

This mere reader parting here and see you in next.
XoXo  Klau Tks


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