Bella Andre – Sullivan’s #09 – The Way You look Tonight

About Author : Bella Andre
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Synopsys – As a very successful private investigator who has caught most of the cheaters in Seattle with their pants down, Rafe Sullivan believes true, lasting love only happens once in a blue moon. Needing to get away from the city to clear his head, he finds the lake house where he spent the best summers of his life is now a wreck…but the sweet girl next door is all grown up and prettier than anything he’s ever seen.
While Brooke Jansen is happy making and selling chocolate truffles in her small Pacific Northwest lake town, she secretly longs to experience something wild. So when her favorite “Wild Sullivan” moves in again next door after more than a decade away, and sparks fly between them, she can’t stop wondering if being bad is really as good as it always seemed…and just how long it will be before she can find out.
But when their summer fling quickly spirals into deeper emotions than either of them were expecting, can they survive the heat between them? Or will Rafe make the biggest mistake of his life and end up losing the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

I must confess that I have a huge crush on couples who meet again after years and the history of Rafe made me fall in love even more by Bella Andre.

“Some days, Rafe Sullivan hated his job. The elegantly dressed woman seated in front of him had tears streaming down her face, and her once-flawless makeup was running in black streams down her cheeks. He slid the box of tissues closer to her, but she was too busy sobbing and clutching”

Some people really do not like their jobs and Rafe today not being differentWhen all he sees are cases of treason, how to believe in love?

“He hadn’t imagined a world in which one hundred percent of the people he investigated were up to no good.” 

    At that point it really needs a vacation and who runs toward him is his sister Mia, with an incredible offer the lake house, the same one he spent summers excellent this sale.Even reluctant to purchase it and back to a place that was not going years. And like a good plot he could not leave the past behind, Brooke seems to be waiting for something amazing and Rafe back to let her well aware that miracles still happen.
    Just wondering if Rafe will surrender to love, and allow yourself to be loved.

The soundtrack is with Chicago Beginings

When I kiss you, 

I feel a thousand different feelings, 

A pletora of chills

All over my body.

And when I feel them, 

I quickly try to decide which one

I should try to put into words, woah-oh

Try to put into words

Klau Tks

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