[Review] Aurélie Venem – Samantha Watkins

About Author : Aurélie Venem
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Sinopse : Young librarian Samantha Watkins has always been perfectly content with her humdrum existence. Never easily fitting in with anyone anywhere, she feels most at ease in silence, among stacks of books. Sam believes in leaving fantasy and drama to the characters in her beloved novels. But one night when she leaves work late, she finds herself center stage in a tale of vengeance and terror.Samantha is rescued from a gang of vampires by Phoenix, a mysterious and otherworldly man. Suddenly her paranormal adventures take a far more extraordinary turn than any story she’s ever read. Phoenix, her savior, is actually a vampire as well, tasked with stopping his peers from killing. With no possibility of returning to her former life, Sam becomes his assistant. Together they investigate a series of mysterious disappearances and attempt to save the human race from a horrible fate. Battling vampires thrills and empowers Sam, but where does she stand with supernatural Phoenix? Could Phoenix, through their work together, become a different man?

    I always liked supernatural stories, so when I saw this book I was fascinated right away. The characters are exciting, and great ! Samantha, packed with humour, although clumsy, courageous like no other and super friendly. I loved her. 
She  is the quiet library, living his life completely equal until returning home one night is faced with a fight of vampires. 

Here she is are caught with Phoenix a ” angel” . That does not let her return to her quiet life, the man who chose her to be his assistant and put his life in danger in the investigation of the strange disappearances in the area, is a vampire-five hundred years, whose main function is to ensure the secrecy of existence of its kind. Having no other choice but to accept, Samantha discovers a supernatural world equally fascinating frightening …

Phoenix is itself an enigmatic and mysterious character, whose relationship with Samantha is complex, because both are attracted to each other, that feels.

The soundtrack is with Jaymes Bullet , In your grave

I wanna rock your soul

and clear your path

and let the truth be mine at last

consider all of the tears you could have saved

i hope you do a lot of thinking in your grave

Klau Tks


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