How in life  always have special little people    with Music With Books is no different …

Below is a selection of blogs and writers who are part of our blog …

A team of Brazilian writers Incredibles and for all tastes.
Turnê Literária

This blog is one of the special people in my life that is a companion, friend and much more.. No Universo da Literatura

 This is the Luh, an amazing little person that I had the opportunity to know, I will always call you to the movies huh!!… Biblioteca da Luh


Doces Letras is the ideal place to relax with friends … you can find everything and then some

This is a very friendly girl Adriana Brazil, author, mother, lover of the arts and columnist in Christian Magazine, in addition  of Turne Literaria , Criates  the Serie  ” Foi assim que te amei” .with the onset of autumn in dreams, a book captivating and leaves a wanting more. To know a little more and how to purchase his books just go there Adriana Brazil site oficial

Well this is quite different from other blog Trillian Books, European è a blog created by Tasha, who is in love with books, games and coffee. worth giving a rolling conferred in British bookstores.

This is  Hooked For Books created on January 27, 2011 by Anderson Vidal, is an optimal source for series and books this one is a Brazilian blog .

Girls this is Portia da Costa, another author friend. Britain has more than 50 titles already published all of the temperature increase, their publications are in Brazil by  Editora Planeta .,With Deep Well and waiting for the new edition.

This redhead is full of attitude is  Vanessa de Cassia,creator of the cutest boys, and hot  perfects His books are … ”Entre amores cruzados” , ”Batom vermelho” e ”Doce insensatez”. Besides writing is also on tour literary , and fan of Amy Winehouse. We can expect many things from her.

Another diva comes to our webpage friends, friendly girl next door is Alyson Noel ,author of some well known series as the immortal dream hunters and most of his books are published in Brazil by Intrinceca.

Anne Osterlund , one of the writers of the new generation, having some books like Aurelia and Academy 7. Like cats and chocolate, his last published book is Salvation.

Already know the long blinks .. it was created by friendly  Leanne Hall , author of This Is shyness (a world called silence, published by

 Another fascinating author, joins us, with all the charisma Samanta Holtz comes to complement the Brazilian team of writers, has four novels” Rebirth of a fall”,” Body and Soul”,” Bird” and” wanna be Beth Levitt”. With stories that bind you from start to finish. Welcome.

    If you’ve heard of Sullivans know exactly who is the girl next door … this is Bella Andre Best selling author of the New York Times, and more than 1.5 million books sold .. is welcome!!

     hey guys esta é Lucinda Rileyand from today is part of this wonderful team of authors. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet her and say she is incredibly friendly here in some of his most famous works are the home of orchids and the light through the window. Besides writer she is also an actress, and her next novel may be set in Brazil (with fingers crossed for that to happen).

This friendly girl is  Eve Berlin ou Eden Bradley  another author of Hot novels, a trilogy is well known the pleasures on edge.


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  1. Oi Klau, sua linda!
    Fico muito feliz em saber que a Biblioteca faz parte do Music With Book… É uma honra!

    Saiba que pode sempre contar com a Biblioteca e com quem lhe escreve também! Principalmente para um cineminha… rsrsrs

    Bjo sua linda!

    Luh Figueiredos
    Biblioteca da Luh


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